Andrei Oprescu's documentary about Mount Athos, People of the Holy Mountain, is a true masterpiece, gaining access into a world that was never seen before on camera. A one thousand year old story waiting to be told.

about Mount Athos

Mount Athos is perhaps one of the most fascinating places on Earth yet little is known about it and the monastic community living there.


Some could arguably say Mount Athos is a living museum, filled with medieval fortress-like churches, artefacts and fully inhabited by a men-only society who lives by ancient traditions. Never being a place of interest for the mass tourism and barely ever having any attention in the press, does not come as a surprise. The truth be told this was well premeditated for centuries. It is this secrecy that helped Mount Athos preserve a micro society that lives by medieval rules to this day.


Having all ties with the outside world cut for centuries made the unstoppable marching of time have a different tempo in Athos. From the large stone walls of the buildings, the way the inhabitants dress, speak, work and act, even the food recipes and the means of transportation are something that a modern person will consider of the past.


Today, and it has always been this way, Mount Athos is inhabited by a community of monks living by the strictest rules of Orthodox Christianity. For them everything they do seems utterly normal. For someone from the outside, it is a completely fascinating world, different in so many ways to what we perceive as normal. However, few were those who have witnessed these wonders. 


A few incursions have been made during the last few decades, however those were superficial. Some of the most fundamental principles of a monk are to run away from the outside world, to live in obscurity. Therefore any attempt at making a documentary in Mount Athos has been in a direct conflict with those principles. A lot is known about the history of the place but very little about the monks themselves and their way of life.


Andrei Oprescu, the filmmaker, has spent an extensive amount of time living together with the monks, gaining their trust in order to be able to reveal a perspective that was never captured on camera before. 



Support the FILM

Making a film is more expensive than I ever thought and it can be overwhelming especially if you start it on your own. Without any financial support, I started making this documentary with my own budget, investing everything in the production of this movie. Today, I have completed over 53 shooting days out of a total of four months spent in Athos storing over 100 hours of footage, but my budget came to an end.

The filming process is only half-way through and I need your help to complete it. 

I am grateful for any donation, no matter how big or small, as every contribution helps to get this film done.

Andrei Oprescu, producer of People of the Holy Mountain


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