Andrei Oprescu's long time passion project - a documentary set in the Holy Mountain, or how the Greeks call it, Agion Oros, is currently in production.

About Mount Athos

There’s probably no other place in the world like Mount Athos. It is different from the rest of the world because of the monastic community living on it and which run a self-administered district consists of a good number of villages. The peninsula is subject to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

Mount Athos is wealthy on the grounds of religious relics and artistic and historical artifacts including hundreds of icons, vestments, carved wooden screens, superb wall paintings, mosaic floors, size-varying crosses, relics of the saints, glassware, carpets, embroidery, and miniatures.

The entire population of Mount Athos incorporates men only as women are strictly not allowed to visit the place. It is also difficult to get a visitor’s visa to visit the place as only pilgrims and workers are given the privilege to visit and stay with the monks.

A few words on Andrei Oprescu and Mount Athos through his eyes

The mind-blowing idea of Mount Athos documentary by Andrei Oprescu revolves around filming the nearby scenic beauty and the lifestyle of the monks. Andrei visited this holy mountain for the first time at the age of 18, the spectacular views of the place and spiritual vibes in the air grabbed his attention and he decided to make a Mount Athos film. That was the day when Andrei decided to enhance his filming skills.

Andrei then obtained a prestigious degree in film making at Westminster University and he’s currently running a successful film production studio in Notting Hill. The Mount Athos documentary is Andrei’s longtime passion project set in the Holy Mountain (Agion Oros in Greek). The Mount Athos film by Andrei Oprescu is under production stage. You can find a short trailer above.

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